Great Tips For Branding Your Book Series…

Extract from an article on Book Marketing Tools Blog:

You’ve got a great business – you know your subject matter really well, and you’ve got customers that love you, because of that. Customers who keep on asking ‘Have you got a book? How can I buy more of your knowledge to help me?’ So, you’ve finally decided to write a book – wonderful!

But… you sat down to make some notes, to work out what to write…. and now you know that you’ve got so much material, you can write a series, not just one book. That’s also wonderful – but it’s also challenging – how do you make it all hang together? How do you make each book interesting (focused on just one important thing, that your customers want to know), and yet still clearly related to all of the others? How do you make that series of books support your business, and bring you more customers?

Fiction vs Nonfiction

And, while I am talking mainly about businesses that are not ‘writing’ here, this concept is equally valid for fiction. If you write fiction, that fiction is your ‘business’ and you need to brand it, just the same – although you may have multiple series, each with their own style, you – the author, are a brand too.

It all starts with Branding. The same way that your business has a logo, and colors, and a style of presenting things, so that people instantly know it’s you, your business, just from the way that things look, so too should your books have branding. And that should be branding that ties them, directly and indirectly, to the rest of your business branding. So – what makes ‘branding’ for a book, or books?

There are a few key things that will create a clear branding effect, that flows naturally from book to book, and from the books to your business. Here is a quick summary of those.

Branding Your Book Series



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