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Unholy PursuitMy name is Alma White and I live in upstate New York, in the Adirondack Mountain range. It’s beautiful here, my neighborhood is bountifully populated by white-tailed deer. They are out early in the morning and late in the afternoon. I love watching a family of them move silently but clandestinely through the woods connected to my back yard.

Occasionally I go into New York City and take in an opera or go watch the Christmas tree lighting at the Rockefeller Center and have visited all the major landmarks such as Lady Liberty, the NY Metropolitan Museum.

When I’m not doing those things I’m at home reading, or writing.

I started writing these stories because it was becoming more and more difficult to find novels I wanted to read. I’m not very choosy but I didn’t like the idea of nearly every novel in the stores being a cookie cutter of the one I just read. I’m not condemning or criticizing anyone’s else reading choice. I was stating my own choice.

I combed the local bookstores and chain stores looking for something to keep me entertained and finally got the idea of writing the “Unholy Pursuit Series” from my lack of finding what I wanted to read.

I started conceiving the idea of writing a book in 1999 but did not actually put words on paper until 2001. One book turned into another and the characters sort of took on a life of their own and continued to grow.

I chose the Supernatural, Romance and Mythology blended into one series because I wanted to see how well could the topics merge with each other.

I have published a few times but not in recent years. I resumed my writings once my child entered school.

I’m a college grad with Bachelor of Science in social studies, which I used to created most of the characters personalities.

I have been doing many and all things needed to get the books published. It took fifteen years to complete the series. Pre-publication is an excellent time to introduce the world to series.

“Unholy Pursuit, The Devil on My Trail” and “Clash with the Immortals” are the first two books of the series followed by eleven others. “Dangerous Liaison, Dangerous Pursuit” follows next.


A Character description of Ana:

As a lifelong experiencer of the paranormal and supernatural, Ana BuFaye believed in ghosts, ghouls and things that go bump in the night.

She knows the spirit world is more alive than the physical and has narrowly escaped many attempts on her life since childhood.

Attacks by seen and unseen entities has plagued her all her life.

Knowing this brings her no closer to the reason why?

Imagine her surprise when she discovers the reason for all the attacks is she is a born Nazarene Warrior Saint.

An earthly member of an elite legion of the heavenly army.

The ultimate enemy of the darkside.

They intend to rid the world of her before she grew old enough to wield that invincible blade.


A Character description of Ashton:

Ashton Cargill, has been known by many names since the dawn of human history. To the darkside he is the conqueror of hell and not in a good way.

The former king of hell.

To other worlds and earth he is an unholy terror.

To heaven, he was an once upstanding great military leader named Azazael, a fallen son of God.

But he knows he is a damned soul given one final chance to earn his salvation by doing a good deed.

What might that deed be? He has no idea and doesn’t care to know.

Trillions of years before the creation of the earth, the task in being a great king and general have left him burned out and emotionally dead – that is, until he meets Ana, who he falls deeply in love with and crowns as his queen.

But he doesn’t know her world doesn’t exist yet and she is a timewalker from a world yet to be created.

Turmoils in this world sent her reeling seeking solace into another world.

A very beautiful, ancient world like nothing she has ever seen.

The clash with the immortals bookcover

Background to the Series:

A young mother, wife of a former pro-football player, whose world and marriage the darkside has turned upside down, starts to spiritually roam.

Ana lives in constant fear of her own family.

She knows how ruthless those after her can be and knows they stop at nothing.

Her mother was diagnosed with a strange illness, that baffles medical conventional wisdom.

Her father had died years before in an equally strange manner.

While she swears she can see dead people, her parents made her keep it a secret. Born in the year 2464 one will be institutionalized for making such statements.

When Ana witnesses Ashton Cargill’s true nature, but doesn’t know his name, it strikes such fear in humans that he refuses to make it known to her

She’s confronted with the reality that she doesn’t suffer from mental illness, but is actually gifted with a connection to the spirit world.

How else would an immortal find her?

Neither remembers their past together.

Heaven erased their memory of their past failed love so she would fulfill her destiny and he wouldn’t interfere.

While Ashton Cargill, aka Azazael, helps protect from her pursuers as often as he can remember who she is to him.

Seeing she has a choice between the greater of two evils: Azazael and Nikola, she choose Azazael.

In exchange for his help she helps him to heal.

Trillions of years of evil deeds has encrusted every ounce of his being.

Ana quickly adapts to her changing reality but her love breathes new life into the dead, cold immortal heart of Azazael. Renewing his enjoyment of immortality and sparking a passion he never dreamed possible.

When Azazael learns what Lucifer has in mind for Ana, since hell can’t kill her, he wages a war against those he once ruled over, altering the birth of the AntiChrist in order to save her life.

The Grand Wizard, Nikola, the ruler of all witchery on earth, plans to kill her after the birth of the AntiChrist.

Ana is too difficult to control and he has worn out his patience in dealing with her. Lucifer is enraged with this blatant act of insubordination and gives the ancient Azazael a choice: deliver Ana BuFaye to Nikola, or face the fury of hell.

Azazael accepts the challenge wearing a devilish smile.

He is Azazael so he loves to fight.


In “Clash with the Immortals” their beautiful honeymoon is constantly interrupted by series of event created by Azazael’s many immortal siblings with Zeus as the ringleader. Zeus has an ancient axe to grind with Azazael. He wish to pay Azazael back for once invading and taking over Mount Olympus. Seeing that for once, Azazael really care for someone, he want Azazael to know his pain when Azazael decided do battle and defeated him and take over what was his’. He pays Azazael back the only way he knows it will hurt.

During the years of the absence of the gods, Azazael taught the Greeks things Zeus preferred them not to know. Zeus will make sure he revealed things to Ana Azazael prefer her not to know.

Nikola’s jealousy can no longer be hidden nor does he try upon learning Ana has actual married Cargill. He sends a legion of demons to stir up trouble. He’s resolved more than ever to kill her. He plan to preserves her body as he have every enemy who dared to oppose him. But Lucifer, Nikola’s master wants Ana alive to serve his purpose. 

None of the books are published yet. The “Clash with the Immortals” Series Books are in the funding stage at Inkshares

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  1. Tina, thanks for your kind compliment. Actually I did not set out to write an entire series. But seeing how vast mythology is the characters are already connected to each other so it sort of kept growing and before I knew it, I had to divide the books into series. I felt it was best to complete the series before introducing them to the world. I didn’t want my fans to have to wait for the next installment as I have often done with books I loved.

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