New Series – Dog of the week (or cat, parrot or spouse) By Special Request!

Danny Barks and people listen 😀

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I have received a complaint to my customer service centre (my comments) from Danny the Dog who feels that my new series Book of the Week was a typo… and should have been Dog of the Week.

The customer is always right!!!! And so for the sake of a quiet life……here is a new series of Dog of the Week… or cat (Zoe) Parrot, any other four-legged pet and of course a husband or wife.

Meet Danny

danny-looking-goodBeneath his bohemian and dare devil good looks, Danny exhibits remarkable sagacity for such a laid back canine. Articulate and with a wry sense of humour, Danny also manages his human, Andrew Joyce with firm discipline. He does however appear to keep him on a short leash.. Andrew is an author and under the careful scrutiny of Danny, he has published the following. (I have to mention these as the sale of said…

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4 thoughts on “New Series – Dog of the week (or cat, parrot or spouse) By Special Request!

  1. As I told Sally, I reblogged because I got an honorable mention in her post, but what I don’t got is a human talented enough to write a book. ::::SIGH::::: (And, ok, before any one of you – and you know who you are! – say that I reblogged because I like Danny, I will concede right now; he ain’t too shabby for an old cur!)

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    • Zoe, your human is more talented than she realizes or cares to admit. And she has you to help her — you, the Fabulous Feline Framesmith and Fabricator (I made up that first one – or the former, as one would refer to it in literary fashion. It’s a blend word for framer and wordsmith. I could’ve said Wordframer, but it doesn’t begin with an F and wouldn’t sound as chic. The portmanteau might be Framth or Framith. But then, you probably already figured that out, bein’ as clever and cracking as you are). 🙂

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