Do you want to add one more to your tool bag?

Skype on Speed?

Jean's Writing

One more social media tool?

Are you ready to go live with Blab?

Now that you’ve stopped laughing, I’m serious. It’s called BLAB. Yeah, it’s new to me too.

blab 1

If I understand it, BLABworks a little like an interactive YouTube.

blab 2

But this is a place you can listen, watch andask questions live. Get that burning question from a writer, or maybe someone with a speciality you need for your book answered. Now there’s an idea.

One thing! If you decide to participate, check your background. Hide the dirty dishes, and turn down the music. Or, and in my case, I will need to put on a little makeup, most days I don’t wear any. When I’m writing my characters don’t care.

Ways a Writer Can Use Blab

  1. Use the search feature and find other authors and learn about writing and publishing.
  2. Follow your favorites and…

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