Exercise Meme…



19 thoughts on “Exercise Meme…

  1. Funny enough, today I had to carry 7 chairs down to let the trash company fetch them tomorrow from the side of the street. “Sperrmüll” – in German. When I went up after carrying two chairs and a stool down three young people went up the stairs before me – and one of them was “bragging” that he did not yet know, if he was doing exercise later. I said: “You wanna exercise? I have some exercise for you – I need to carry down 5 more chairs!” It’s 34° C here. Really cannot understand why the young man declined my free offer of exercise. Stairs are a healthy form of exercise and carrying would train his biceps, too. Well, I GOT MY EXERCISE! So much for the young and slender who must be so much fitter than me, who I am an ufo (ugly, fat and old).

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