Enter the 27 Word Challenge and win a Special Grand Prize…

bill-doyleHello, I’m Andrew Joyce.

I was here a few months ago and issued a 79-word challenge.

I asked you to write a 79-word story with plot, character development, and all the stuff good stories are made of.

And I must admit that you all came through with flying colors.

Because you were all so damn smart, I’m back with a new challenge.

This time it has to be exactly 27 words not counting the title.

You must tell a story bringing Facebook into it—at least tangentially.

Give it pathos.

Give me Gone with the Wind in 27 words.

Simple, huh?

This time there is a grand prize.

The winner will get an all-expenses paid weekend with the famous Danny the Dog.*

Danny Meditating

Infuse your stories with your soul.

Make us laugh.

Make us want to hang our heads and cry at your angst.

Make us want to storm the battlements of civilization on your behalf.

Here’s a sample entry:

My Self-Worth

Are my posts on Facebook commented on?

Are they liked?

If not, then I have no self-worth. I used to have self-worth.

But that was before Facebook.

*By “all-expenses paid,” I mean that the winner will have to pay Danny’s expenses to get to his or her location and return him back home to me.

And please take note that Danny flies only first class and stays in five star hotels.

But on the plus side you’ll have Danny for two full days, with him telling you how wonderful he is.


53 thoughts on “Enter the 27 Word Challenge and win a Special Grand Prize…

  1. My Addiction

    My eyes are bloodshot. The fingertips on my right hand are calloused. My chores are neglected.
    My family’s ignored. My addiction to Facebook has won. Quit? No!

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  2. Hey, Danny, did you poke Andrew to tag me on Twitter about this? If so, I’m glad you did, and I hope it earns you an extra turkey slice. I’ve been so busy working on my novel that I’ve pretty much ignored everything else. I love these limited-word challenges, so here goes 🙂

    Gone and Indubitably Forgotten

    He didn’t simply malign my Facebook post, he impugned me. He derived macabre pleasure from his defamation. Nothing ever was more satisfying than clicking “unfriend” and “block.”

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    • Do you want the request from me, Chris, or Danny? Danny only has his author page and he can’t “friend” from that. He wanted a personal page, but fb wanted to see his birth certificate to make sure he was legit. (He’s not!)

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  3. This is WAY too much fun.

    Here’s 27 words for Danny: Sorry, Danny, I have the best dog food and feed my 4-footed companions lots of treats, but there are 5 of them and they’re twice your size.


    Like a turtle crossing through rush hour traffic, Facebook throws a stream of memes at me. “Stop!” I yell. It ignores my plea; toying with my sanity.

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