Amazon Lowers the Boom on Discount eBook Sites…

My thanks to Author Susan M. Toy for letting me know about this article  from The Digital Reader Site:


When Amazon-owned Goodreads launched its discount ebook service last month, I wondered whether Amazon would find reasons to shut down its competition.

The first to go was Fussy Librarian, which went under the axe the week before Goodreads announced. At the time it looked like that was an isolated incident, but now it has been followed by two more sites, Pixel of Ink and eReaderIQ.

To read more, click on the link, or Logo below:

Amazon and Discount eBook Sites



9 thoughts on “Amazon Lowers the Boom on Discount eBook Sites…

  1. Unlike many, I take the view that this is a good thing and, rather than simply shutting down their competition, Amazon is acting within its rights by closing down these sites. It’s in every author’s contract with Amazon that books are not to be made available elsewhere for less than Amazon offers them, so Amazon is actually protecting their authors from not realizing full potential sales revenue from these discount sites. And this article also kind of goes hand-in-hand with the previous article Chris posted on book pricing and writing’s value. These discount sites obviously don’t value our writing and hard work. And that’s the message they’re sending to readers who download from them. Books should always be cheap or free. For those authors who are writing and publishing to make a buck, these sites are definitely not doing them any favours.

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