Picture books for those with dementia…

Following my 12th May reblog of a post ‘Top Ten Reasons Picture Books ROCK’ from Author Michelle Eastman’s blog, I was delighted to see a conversation between Michelle and Author Carrie Crebbe Lange about picture books for those with dementia.

Michelle came up with a link I felt needed to be made better known, so I’ve extracted the following from that link:

On 6th August 2013, in order to help Lynn Palmer, Reference Librarian at Davenport Public Library, Goodreads Librarian Cheryl created a Listopia section to list picture books suitable or recommended for reading to someone in the latter stages of dementia.

***Only 87 books have been recommended to date!***

Qualities that seem to appeal are:

-a simple, straightforward storyline (not abstract metaphor or literary devices)
-simple and straightforward sentences
-a little humor
-not a lot of text
-a familiar story (folktale or fairytales)
-a story that depicts aspects of daily life (cooking, sewing, farming, animals, gardening, taking care of a child or someone who is ill)
-beautiful illustrations are a plus (pictures that you can dwell on and talk about)

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

This list is still active and comments still open, so please help extend this list by doing the following:

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Click on the link or image below to see what is already listed and add your recommendations:

Picture books for those with dementia…


Dementia can strike any of us at any time

So until a cure is found and widely used

Help others help those already affected


Help others help US if WE become affected


22 thoughts on “Picture books for those with dementia…

  1. I’ve got one on my review page by Lexa Harpell, titled “To Mum: Gifts of the Soul”

    She initially wrote it for her own mother, who suffered with Alzheimers, and decided to publish it so others could help their family members as well. I believe she has a second book with the same theme for fathers, though I’m not sure if it’s out yet or not.

    Here’s the Amazon link for the one I do know about: http://smarturl.it/ToMum

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  2. I think something bright to catch their eye. I agree, lots of pictures are great. I have often found that people suffering from dementia love music and also like to reminisce about the ‘old days’ as many have a good long term memory.



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