All About #Google+ for #Writers…

Excerpt from an interesting article on SavvyBookWriters:

More than 625,000 People join Google+ EVERY DAY, according to Digital Buzz and Huffington Post statistics. Before I even joined Twitter, GooglePlus (Google+) was my first Social Media network of choice. I loved the beautiful images and videos that appeared on my timeline. And I am stealing a couple of minutes every day to scroll down and share, or at least place a “plus sign”, on interesting posts.

#1 Social Media for Professionals:

Participating on Google+ – also written GooglePlus – gives you an advantage at search engine results: your posts are automatically included in Google’s Search Engine. What better then combine social media networking and at the same time your visibility on the Internet! Google+ has now the title of being the world’s second largest social network. It’s a no-brainer to use the many benefits for authors and publishers. And don’t forget the thousands of Google+ communities where you can place your post directly to your favorite audience. Here are five tips how to improve your success with Google+.

How to Start With GooglePlus.
Get tips how to sign up and start your Google+ account, how to find your followers, how to post, connect your Google+ with your Twitter account and most important: join Google+ communities.

To read more, click on the link or image below:

All About Google+ for Writers



20 thoughts on “All About #Google+ for #Writers…

  1. I really like Google+ and I’m sorry that it isn’t working for me at the moment. Besides, it feels liek no social is properly working for me at the moment, except my blog.
    But I’m trying to learn, and I do use it everyday. Lets see 🙂

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