Dictionaries for the Writer


Day 4


Don’t you hate it when the word you want to write escapes you? There’ve been times I’ve stared at my computer screen repeatedly saying the word aloud as if it would magically appear.

That sort of magic rarely happens, so I’ve collected a number of dictionaries at my disposal, and they have proven to be life savers.

My Top 20 Dictionaries for Writers:

  1. Merriam-Webster
  2. Your Dictionary
  3. The Dialect Dictionary
  4. Written Sound
  5. Urban Dictionary
  6. Net lingo
  7. Word Hippo
  8. Visual Words
  9. Idioms and Phrases Free Dictionary
  10. Words to Use
  11. Grammar Definitions
  12. Literature Glossary
  13. Glossary of Books
  14. Wordnik
  15. Cliché Finder
  16. Grimace Project.net
  17. Southernisms
  18. Nonverbal Dictionary
  19. 100 Words for Facial Expressions
  20. One Look Dictionary

Do you have a favorite dictionary you use? Feel free to add to my list and pass it on.

I’d love to hear your comments. Talk to me. Tell me your story. You can find…

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8 thoughts on “Dictionaries for the Writer

  1. I reviewed your list of dictionaries for writers.  It is fantastic.  It contains visuals and graphics which help stimulate the writing mind.  Thanks for the posting of these useful resources.Joyce(Lines of Listening)

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