Getting Creative with Disclaimers…

Excerpt from an interesting article by California attorney Helen Sedgwick:

Many authors assume the legal disclaimers at the front of their books are supposed to be boring. They presume some pricey lawyers devised standard legalese, and they dare not depart from the norm.

Not so. The law does not require a disclaimer to be boring. In fact, just the opposite is true. The more interesting the disclaimer, the more likely it will be read. From a lawyer’s point of view, a well-written, well-read disclaimer is best of all.

Many writers have a lot of fun with their disclaimers, particularly for memoirs. Let’s look at a few…

To read the rest of the article, click on the link, or her photo below:

Getting Creative with Disclaimers

Helen Sedwick


9 thoughts on “Getting Creative with Disclaimers…

  1. A creative disclaimer is wonderful. I wish I had used Anne LaMott’s quote in my disclaimer for my memoir about my extremely dysfunctional family. She basically wrote that if people didn’t want to be written about for the despicable things they did, they should have behaved better!

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