Things I Wish I Knew: Navigating Publishing Contracts

Carly Watters, Literary Agent

Woman's hand signing documents

I’m obviously pro-agent. I believe we add huge value to a writer’s career in all areas, but most importantly protecting their intellectual property rights through their contracts. However, sometimes writers get into contract situations without an agent and don’t know what to do. Or, some writers like to learn about the business side of things. This post is for you.

Susan Spann is a publishing law attorney and hosts a Wednesday information session on Twitter called #PubLaw where you can follow along with the hashtag. (Do it!) I’ve been following, and retweeting, her #PubLaw advice for a couple years now and I think you’ll find this edition of “Things I Wish I Knew” extremely helpful on the contracts side of things. I’ve asked her a number of questions about contracts as well as what happens when a writer gets a contract and doesn’t have an agent: what should they do? Read on…

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4 thoughts on “Things I Wish I Knew: Navigating Publishing Contracts

  1. thanks for the information but I don’t think it applies to me. I have this theory – rightly or wrongly – that unless a book goes crash bang wallop has murder mayhem and other ‘world’ destroying things in it they just don’t want to know. I write adventure novels with a social history to them which does contain sex but I have not been able to find an agent in this field. But yes she does have some valid points, especially about getting a contract without an agent.

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