#MANCHESTER, UK – Where TSRA (the Blogging Ape) Lives #Video…

To satisfy your curiosity, I’ve made a little trailer (with soundtrack) to show where I live:


65 thoughts on “#MANCHESTER, UK – Where TSRA (the Blogging Ape) Lives #Video…

  1. What a fabulous little trailer! Fast pace, great music, eye-catching images. If I knew nothing about you, Chris, and then saw this video, I’d head on over to your website with great curiosity 🙂

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  2. Family story for you, Chris. My dear grandmother grew up in Manchester. She used to get bronchial infections all the time. Her doctor told her family that if she didn’t get out of Manchester, she’d die prematurely. She was 13 at the time and already dating Jim, my grandfather. So, this would have been in 1913 – so the smog there was very bad in those days. Jim took this news seriously. As soon as they were married, they moved to Hastings. I’m happy to report, Gran lived a long life, eventually moving out here to NZ for the last decade of her life. Manchester looks great these days!

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  3. Loved the film and the sounds! Sometimes showing a tiny corner of leaves us with a misconception… i think of Manchester as built up, shopping,, music, and football. A neon lighted city of passion, fashion, musicians and art.
    I still love your film. 😇

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  4. Yanked our chains there a bit, eh? Lovely place, that Manchester appears to be what with its ogres and apes. Must put that on my bucket list for visiting.

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