Look, up in the sky…

Don’t ever tell me you don’t know where you can find suckers (I mean KIND, UNDERSTANDING, FELLOW AUTHORS AND BLOGGERS) to feature you and your books.
The lovely Lisa the Robot is waiting 24/7 for you to contact her via the human Mr C.S. Boyack’s blog.
Don’t worry about drying up live on air – Lisa has made allowances for that 😃


Entertaining Stories

Okay, the tab bar actually. Right up there at the top.

Nestled among the about me page, and the free stuff, is a bright shiny new page. This one is called Lisa Burton Radio. Lisa’s radio spot is impressing me with the number of views and shares it’s getting. I stacked the deck and invited my first half dozen authors to participate, but that’s going to run it’s course eventually.

This means that some of you are going to have to approach me when you’re ready for some promotion. I know some pretty cool people, but I don’t know all of you. There are some posts in the factory right now, but I’m going to run out in a few weeks.

If you’d like a chance to do some unique promotion, check out the new page and hit me up. Remember this is all about your characters, and let’s face…

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