11 Tips for Building a Successful Writer’s Platform…


Recently, I’ve received several requests to write a post about how to build an writer’s platform. Which makes sense, because this is probably one of the most difficult parts about being a writer. The act of writing is a very solitary task, but the act of selling that writing? You have to get out and interact. You have to impress. You have to sell. You have to talk. To people. Yeah. Those scary organisms many writers actively avoid.

To read the rest of this great article with easy to follow tips, by Author Hannah Heath, click on the link or her photo below:

11 Tips for Building a Successful Writer’s Platform


10 thoughts on “11 Tips for Building a Successful Writer’s Platform…

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I wrote quite an extensive list of suggestions and couldn’t post it. I have been blogging for 3-4 years and my views have really improved over the last 18 months. I recommend people are strategic about the blogs they follow and find ways of becoming part of blogging communities. An easy way to do this is to get involved with blog shares where you contribute say a post every week where you’re hooking up with the same people and getting to know each other.
    For me, blogging isn’t about selling but relationship. Connection. Getting to know people are sharing each other’s work, what’s going on etc and caring about each other. This is quite time consuming but has really helped me develop much more of a global perspective or world view as well as finding my own voice or the thread which ties all my work together.
    I would caution about blogging too many book reviews. I don’t read any of them and find them annoying. That is unless I know the author.

    Great photos and visuals are a must too!

    Good luck with it.
    xx Rowena

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