#Authors – New Affordable 3D Book Promo Displays Service Available…

Frustrated or bored with the limited 3D options available to display your books and wish you had more variety or say in them?

In addition to affordable Book Cover Designs and Book Promo Trailers, I can now offer affordable pre-made or custom-made 3D Book Promo Displays.

After you have approved the low resolution, watermarked JPG I send and you’ve paid the agreed sum into my PayPal account, I will email you one 600 pixel x applicable length pixel PNG (with Transparent Background) and one JPG (with visible background to a colour you specify).

Just send me the high resolution JPG / PNG format image of your Paperback Cover(s) to be displayed and tell me which option(s) you’d like, or describe the configuration(s) you’d like.

tsrabookcovers (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Subject: 3D BOOKS.

Here are a few of half-size examples I’ve made so far to form a sort of catalog at the prices stated.

(more under construction 😀 ):

Standard Configuration Format

1 x set of Front + Back Views:

US $5.00

Your Book PB 3D Version with spine BACKYour Book 3D PB Version with spine FRONT

Other pre-made configurations shown below:

EACH US $5.00

Option 001
3D The Coming
Option 002
Sign of the Beast
Option 003
Option 004
5 Books Stacked A FRONT
Option 005
5 Books Stacked B FRONT
Option 006
Books Stack
Option 007
6 Books in Box

Ask about prices for COMBINATION options like:

Combo 001

6 Books F&B Covers

Combo 002

Untitled 02

And / Or

Black or coloured reflective background

Books Stack 01B

Using part of your Cover as Background

Books Stack 01C

Or with ANY (Licensed for your use) Background

Books Stack 01D


Tell me what configuration you’d like me to make for you and I’ll send you a price to consider.

These are custom-made VIRTUAL 3D Book Promo Displays that can be posted on your Blogs / Websites or included in your posts / online articles.

Please Note:



44 thoughts on “#Authors – New Affordable 3D Book Promo Displays Service Available…

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I don’t normally re-blog things, but for Chris I’m making an exception. See his wonderful work and be confident you are in good hands with the mighty Ape. 🙂

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  2. Don’t know if my comment disappeared or what, but this is amazing, Chris. I love it! I shared this all over the place! Thank you for another great offer at an incredible price. You are a gift to all Indie authors! 🙂

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