For seasoned authors, or those who aspire to publish their first manuscript, the book industry is still a competitive and arduous monster no matter how you slice it. With 2016 in its beginning months, there are a variety of useful resources available for authors who are ready to tell their story and take their career to the next level. San Francisco Book Review shares nine essential tips for authors to take advantage of when looking to fine tune and market their finished product, connect with readers and fellow authors, and we even list a few well-respected sources to turn to when your book seeks review.

With 82 years as a leading voice in book discovery, a book review from Kirkus is a valuable resource for indie and published authors alike. The numbers don’t lie. Kirkus published more…

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2 thoughts on “BEST RESOURCES FOR AUTHORS IN 2016 (via SheWrites)

  1. I don’t think it’s a good idea for authors to pay for reviews no matter how esteemed the publication seems to be. It’s just not right. As a reader, I will always shy away from reading paid-for-reviews simply because the reviewer’s opinions on the book are questionable when the motive of money enters the picture. Authors should never be so desperate for a review that they feel they must pay someone to get it.

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