What is a style sheet? For people using editors

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DictionariesIf you work with a proofreader or editor on any project, either for a publisher or working independently or as a student, you might receive a Style Sheet from them with your corrected work. This article explains what a style sheet is, the purpose of a style sheet, and what might be included on it. I’ve also written this article to send to my clients so they understand what the document I’ve sent them is – so if you’re one of my clients, hello!

To make this article easier to read, I will refer to the person who has worked on your document as your “editor” – although I might refer to proofreaders in some places, too.

What is a style sheet?

A style sheet is a list setting out the decisions that your editor has made on aspects of the layout and language of your document, in order to…

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7 thoughts on “What is a style sheet? For people using editors

  1. This is a useful post – I checked out the full original. I’ve had to prepare house style sheets myself, professionally. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got, as a writer, is to provide one to the publisher first off. That guides their proof-editor in the first read through and prevents awkward ‘corrections’ of things that are intentional but look wrong, such as Tolkien’s quirky spelling of ‘dwarfs’. (And now everybody spells it with a ‘v’ like he did…)

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