Did you know? A beginners guide to reblogging on #WordPress

Great information from Sue 😀

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


I’m no technical genius and when I first started blogging, I needed to learn my way around the WordPress system. It is pretty much common sense and easy enough to set up. If you get stuck, there are plenty of helpful articles and forums that show you how to do pretty much anything. Just type the question into your search engine.

The one thing they cannot do, though, is answer questions you didn’t know you should ask. Over the past few days I have become aware of how many of those little tweaks and tricks we learn about, then just take for granted. Reblogging was one area I found frustrating for a good while. It is a simple process, the press of a button, until the button is not there…

1. Can’t see the reblog button?
This took me ages to work out! Many blogs, including this one, have their…

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11 thoughts on “Did you know? A beginners guide to reblogging on #WordPress

  1. Thanks for another great share! I reblogged to Juat Can’t Help Writing and commented: Thanks to Sue Vincent for this piece. The presence or absence of the reblog button has been an ongoing mystery to me. Sue’s tip about clicking on the title of the article to make the button appear is a godsend–it worked on this piece!
    I generally agree that WordPress is fairly intuitive and has good support structures. I’ve had several productive chats when I encountered a problem or didn’t know how to do something (not so productive recently when my correspndent was trying to help me remember how to create anchors within a page–have to go to my stand-alone HTML book on that one, but most have provided what I needed to know). But Sue is right that it’s easy to miss features you haven’t needed or didn’t know about. So help like this is wonderful for me, and perhaos for those of you who also blog and who explore WordPress serendipitously, as I often do.

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