YOUR #Free Independent #Author #Promotions Platform #Blog in 2015…


Be justifiably proud of what YOU have achieved.

As all of you know, the purpose of this blog is to be an Free Independent Author Promotions Platform to help authors (published and not yet published), introducing and promoting them, their writing talents and their books FREE, plus, providing information resources FREE, splashed liberally with light relief (humour) throughout (also Free), then spreading their fame throughout the Media.

To all the Blog Contributors, direct (great articles & series’ sent to me by email) and indirect (reblogs of great articles), Visitors, Followers and Friends who have Liked, Reblogged and shared the blog posts all over the Online Media Networks:


Don’t forget in 2016

Keep yourselves in the public mind and eye by continuing to send in those great articles to me 

(HINT – click that link above for further details – HINT)

To see why this old Ape is rambling on while doing a happy dance and falling off his branch a lot,

click on the image or link below:

The Story Reading Ape Blog Stats

2015-WP Logo

It would appear that some people

cannot see the WordPress report stats!

There were 270,000+ views in 2015


54 thoughts on “YOUR #Free Independent #Author #Promotions Platform #Blog in 2015…

  1. Congrats, Chris, for the amazingly incredible stats! I will work up a post sometime and send it along to you. I will be publishing a book in the next month or so. Best wishes for another successful year! Hugs!

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  2. Happy New Year Chris! I couldn’t see the link with the stats, but I imagine you’re reaching celebrity status… and you deserve it! Many cheers for this amazing blog and its furry creator!

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  3. So grateful for all you do to promote and support everyone. Honestly, everyone should have an ape for a friend, or perhaps, just have YOU in their corner, Chris. ❤

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  4. I also couldn’t see your stats, but am a logged in member on wordpress and following your blog. I saw from your reply to Mary how many views you had. Congratulations and a Happy New Year to you. 🙂

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  5. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    If you are an established author or a writer who is planning to publish a book in 2016 you should be heading for one of the best FREE author promotion sites on a blog. The Story Reading Ape has a number of manifestations including here on FB as Promotion of New Authors and Books​. I have featured on Christopher Graham​ ‘s blog a couple of times in 2015 and it is a great way to get yourself and your work noticed. It also offers all of us the opportunity to support other authors by reblogging and sharing the link on social media. With a combined effort we can increase sales of books by Indie authors in 2016. Highly recommend The Story Reading Ape.

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