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literary phobias

I can’t be alone. In fact, I know I’m not as I have come across a good many others who have the same problem. There isn’t even a name for it, but I would not be surprised to find that there is a high proportion of fellow sufferers within the blogging community.

I am the last person to belittle phobias, which can be as debilitating as they can appear  unreasonable… I need only say ‘spider’ to one of my sons… or ‘wet worms’ and my own version of terror wriggles before my eyes. The present issue may not have an official  name of its own… or at least none that I’d care to admit to… but it sits somewhere between topophobia and deipnophobia, which, roughly translated means somewhere between stage fright and the fear of making after dinner conversation. Except in this case, it relates specifically to making those…

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