What If We All Behaved In Real Life Like We Behaved Online?

Behind every joke lies a truth? 😀

Tara Sparling writes

Sometimes I feel like I’m very harsh on authors for merely doing the same things everyone else does. Granted, sometimes it’s deserved, for being too pushy, or rolling out marketing techniques that were last employed by the Stasi or the KGB. Earlier this year, I did a pillory piece on authors who are so pushy that they end up alienating potential readers; set at a hypotheticalparty, with the reader as a bewildered guest. However, it’s not fair to point the finger of ire and bile towards authors alone. Therefore, inspired by this post, I would like now to expand the theory somewhat.

What if everyone behaved in real life like they behaved online?

What If We All Behaved In Real Life Like We Behaved Online?

Imagine you are walking down a busy city street. It is early morning. You enter a café to purchase a hot beverage. The barista hands you your cup.

You: I like your coffee.

Barista: Thanks. That’ll be…

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