Are you happy with your latest writing idea? Need a new one?

Jean's Writing

Since National Novel Writing Month is almost over, what will you do next?

Thanksgiving is here and we are right on top of Christmas.

So what will you write now?

Where will you get your next big idea?

After you finish one project do you jump right into the next? Or do you get idea fatigue?

Whether it’s a home improvement, decorating, a big party, or a writing project, afterward I fight the dreaded fatigue fugue.

That’s what I call it. You know the feeling that you’ve given all you can give? When my brain is totally tapped out. I call that, fatigue fugue.

I convince myself that there couldn’t be another idea left in my tired old brain. But then when I least expect it a seed starts germinating.

Sometimes it starts with a word, a prompt, a comment by the grandkids (yes, kids do say the darnedest things), a news…

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