The Time Bridge… a Short Story

A great little story based on a prompt from Pete’s 7 year old son 👍😃

Tales from the Hills

Not so long ago I was asked by my seven year old son to write a story incorporating time travel, knights, a battle and a boy not so very different from himself. It was a challenge that took me as far from  writing about outdoor adventures as it did from the exploits of Yuri Medev but I enjoyed  it enough to think about doing another one soon.   The result was “The Time Bridge” which is five short chapters in a pdf file after the introduction which you can read here or download for free to read later. Let me know what you think…

Dan crouched down behind the large oak tree where he was out of sight of the path. He could hear the faint noise of traffic from the main road behind him as he strained his ears to hear where they were. He would be safe if he…

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