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34 thoughts on “Events in PARIS – TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN…

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    The thoughts of humane and caring people around the world stand in solidarity with the people of Paris, and especially with those who lost loved ones. Chris is one of many bloggers who set aside their own agendas today to display that humanity and solidarity. In whatever language, in whatever religion, in whatever country, join in the prayer for peace.

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    That so few can cause such death and damage is not, of course, new to Americans: we had 9/11 and other incidents before that, as did many other parts of the world. What needs to be “new” is our response, as individuals and as nations. We do not have to wage uncertain wars and conflicts in lands where the innocents end up as dead as the radical terrorists; we do not have to paint all Muslims or Christians or Jews or Hindus or Buddhists with wide swipes of hate-shed blood from the least of them–no, we need to hold up as brave and compassionate the heartfelt civility of the best of them. Terror has no home; love has no boundaries.

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  3. I just wish for peace and tolerance among all of us member of the human race. My heart bleeds for France, and for all the victims of hate around the world.

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  4. I heard, those attackers were very young, too – read it in the Guardian when they quoted an eye-witness. So those were misled young muslims, from a marginalized minority, a fringe group in France. Life in the banlieus is VERY bleak. They search for fame and accomplishments – and they find those things on radical websites. That is my theory, as good as any …

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  5. Yesterday, before the attacks on Paris, while writing the ending scenes of my 4th novel, one of my characters said: “It’s not by chance that I’m here in Ahthaza, as I told you. Peace cannot be built on blood, violence, and indiscriminate killing. Violence fuels violence, not peace. War just happens, but we need to work hard to create peace.”

    When writers say they do write, sometimes, under a spell, I know what it means. Those words came from nowhere, but they urged me to be written.

    A message: At the Stade de France, people left the stadium NOT in shock, NOT in fear, but all chanting the “Marseillese,” the National Anthem.

    How could anyone cry “God is Great” while killing kids at a concert? They`re killing God with each bullet they fire.

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