Orbs are linked with many logical possibilities. In photographs, orbs may actually be dust particles or water spots. However, when those explanations don’t apply, then you might be seeing energy residue. These transparent or translucent spheres can be human or animal, according to some. They are balls of light that can float or even fly. In fact, orbs are difficult to see with the naked eye. I personally have seen faces in the orbs that I’ve photographed. In researching orbs, I found that is quite common.

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One way that I personally try to distinguish orbs from other materials is to take multiple photographs of the same area. I then compare the photos. If picture #1 has nothing unusual in it and then picture #2 does, I can say that I saw an actual orb.

Another natural way to distinguish between orbs and dust or moisture is to use video recording. If the orb floats or flies, then it likely isn’t dust or moisture. Yet another option, besides photos and videos, is to simply remember what you were doing at the time you captured the orbs. It is pretty typical during a paranormal investigation for me to capture orbs in photos.

Orbs are not limited to paranormal investigations. They can appear at any time during any event. They are especially likely to be seen when groups of people gather.



Orbs are, very possibly and most likely, energy of the human soul once our physical body passes away. Some say that human souls utilize orbs because it requires lower levels of energy as opposed to using a full bodied presentation. It is also very possible that orbs are spirit guides.

Orbs are believed to be small energy manifestations. Some have been seen coming out of a vortex. The vortex doesn’t usually show up in photos, nonetheless. The vortex is thought to be a way that orbs travel between this world and the higher realm.



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11 thoughts on “ORBS: THE ENERGY WE ARE…(Guest Post)…

  1. Nice to connect to your paranormal world, Tracee. I have not experienced sighting orbs as yet but have heard of them. They come in many colours, some are visible and some are not, there are light and benign ones and there are heavy and dark ones that are disturbing. Orbs are known to be a medium enabling dead spirits to communicate with you. I recall my late mother telling me about my father’s last few days before his death; he was experiencing his long departed brother asking him as to when he would be coming to meet him; coincidentally he passed away a couple of days after the paranormal experience.

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  2. That’s really interesting. Instead of spirit guides I would term them guardians. Of course, I’ve always believed I had a guardian angel. Perhaps small children sense their presence, hence the imaginary friend.

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      • I see you posted it. I’ve sent the post to my wife Mia, I guess she’s familiar with the phenomenon.
        I’ve wondered about spiritual residue here. We’re on an old homestead plot in Maine. There is a row of cellar holes across the hillside, all grown over with mature forest. Also, the stone foundation and cellar hole of the homestead, near my house.

        I haven’t seen any orbs in our pictures, but I haven’t been looking for them.

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