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Hi, I am P. Wish, a self published writer, illustrator and blogger. But before we get to that, I’d like to tell you a story. My story.

My fascination with writing began when I was seven years old. In fact, I recently discovered that it began at six and a half. When I was six and a half, I wrote my first compilation of essays. I wrote an essay on a random topic in my diary each day. One fine day, I had a finished book. That was my first book.

I vaguely remember learning something about five letter words in school during that time. I was in elementary school back then and just like every other kid, I hated to go to school. My development in math and science was sadly not as rapid as English. I loved to write. I loved to create worlds and get lost in them.

My journey continued. The essays became short stories, the short stories became novellas and the novellas became novels. Writing became a part of my identity. It became intertwined with my personality. When I was eleven, I wrote my first novella which I vividly remember was around 40,000 words. I was over the moon. I showed it to all my teachers and everybody at school. At that age, kids thought it was so cool. All of a sudden, everybody wanted to be a writer.

P Wish 02I spent my lunch breaks writing and editing my book. I made a series of animated movies based on the book. I learned flash, photoshop, illustration and design so that I could turn the book into an animated movie. Now, technology and I aren’t the best of friends but things were easier to learn when I was younger.

I continued to write throughout my time at school I got a few of my poems, articles and short stories published in local magazines. I saw millions of rejections. But, I kept going.

My focus shifted during my A Levels. I did start a few novels during my A Levels but didn’t finish any of them. My life revolved around university admissions.

Then, I moved to Manchester to study Law. The only reason I chose Law was because it was a verbal subject. When I began University, I went through adolescence all over again. I had an identity crisis. I was depressed. I couldn’t relate to the people around me. I decided to take up writing again to find myself. To my surprise, not only did I pick up where I left but I was better and more disciplined than ever. It reaffirmed my faith.

Ever since, I have stuck to writing. My background in music, animation, fitness and law gives me a wider range of subjects to work with. I discovered self- publishing recently. Self publishing opened up my mind to a new world of possibilities. It helped me reach a wider audience. It helped me become more dedicated to my craft. I have never been a planner. I’m a spontaneous person. But, when you take up writing as a profession, you need to be consistent. I am in the process of learning and have a long way to go. Because I love to write, I have enjoyed every step of the way.

Now, I’d like to talk about my books. I released my debut picture book, My Life in 3 Colours in May, 2015. The book was inspired by my colourful childhood that I detailed above. The book is available on Kindle, Smashwords and Lulu if you want to give it a try. A few sample pages are available on my blog.


I also serialised my novels on my blog. I am currently serialising a chick lit novel titled ‘Confessions’. I release a chapter every Sunday on the ‘Confessions’ page of my blog. All content is free. Feel free to check it out.

I also regularly post short story trailers, videos about my life as a writer and general writing trends on my Youtube channel. If you can’t decide which story to read or which book to buy, check the trailers on my channel for help.

I have recently released my latest book, Into the Light.

Into the Light
is a collection of short stories. The book is divided into three genres: Science fiction, human interest and comedy. It draws inspiration from my wide range of interests. Each story has a twist. The wide range of genres makes sure that there is something for everybody in the collection. If you want to learn more about the collection, visit my website. The short stories were serialised on my blog between June and September. You can read samples on my blog.

I also have a full length novel coming out early next year. You can subscribe to my newsletter for follow me on my social media to stay updated.

I thank you all for taking the time to read about my story and becoming a part of my journey.

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14 thoughts on “#Read about Guest #Author P. Wish

  1. I am impressed with P. Wish’s story. She knew at such a young age that she wanted to write and never hesitated. even at a young age, to tackle what most would consider an impossible undertaking.

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