Branding your Books into a Series – Episode 4 of 4…


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This final episode deals with themes that link your covers. For this, I have to thank Madelaine Bauman for letting me use her covers. She has yet to publish her first book, but has finished the covers, so there may still be some minor changes as she gets closer to her big day.


The Divine Warriors” cover is the first in her Order of the White Lion Trilogy. Note that she has three elements – one ephemeral (the flame), one solid (the coliseum), and one environmental (the ominous sky).

As the trilogy comes out, these three elements remain the same presenting the promise of something that comes and goes (the ephemeral element), something that has a physical presence in the story (the solid element), and where the story takes place (the environmental element.)

The also has several sub-elements that will remain with the series, such as the sword, use of the flames, and apparent determination of the characters depicted on the covers.


In book two, “The Divine Crusade”, the same three thematic elements remain, though they are represented by different objects. The blue flames (ephemeral), which indicate a spiritual flame continue to dominate the foreground, while the temple wall in the background provides the theme of solidarity. The light and darkened lighting behind the character link the environmental, continuing the brooding feel from the cover for “The Divine Warriors”, like a storm is close but hasn’t broken loose yet. The placement of the text is a pattern linkage, but there is also a theme link here as well. Having spoken to Madelaine about the series, the story is heavily influenced by the Crusades and the battle of good and evil. The titles themselves provide the thematic link for this.


The Divine King” is the final cover in Madelaine’s trilogy. Once again, the blue flame (ephemeral), the dark clouds roiling over a line of mountain peaks (solid), and the ominous lighting (environmental) link the books together into a unified series.

This cover also brings out one more thematic linkage – the degradation of stamina in the characters. In the first cover, the lady stands tall and proudly erect. She does not show any sign of exhaustion or emotional distress. In the second cover, the knight looks like he has seen hard days, though he can go on. This cover shows a man who has fought hard, and has little left to give. He is exhausted.

(Small print: Madelaine has provided explicit permission to use these covers for this post series. All cover images are her property, so if you choose to reblog and share this post, please ensure image credits are given to her, not me.)

Kat Caffee



5 thoughts on “Branding your Books into a Series – Episode 4 of 4…

  1. I love the vibrancy of these covers. And I do like the idea of the series looking the same on the shelves (actually think that’s the one thing lost/against eBooks? Now there’s a comment for debate!) Anyway, my publishers let me chose the covers for my trilogy (and I didn’t even think it would be a trilogy when I started the first book) and I love them- all in sepia and nostalgia.

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    • Madeline did a wonderful job with her covers. One of the reasons having the series branded as a unit continues to work is because when the covers are displayed on the page/screen, if more than one falls into the grouping, then it allows them to be picked out at a glance.

      Also, having them branded helps when promoting them. For mine – the ones I used in the last installment – I have many people on twitter who’ve come back after I run a tweet splash rotating through the available books with the comment “I knew they were yours because of …”. For Madeline, I’m sure it will be similar because of the themes she chose to use.

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