Critical Role of Beta Readers

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Geoff Le PardLittle did I know that when I slung the “ranch open” sign on a literary project called Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge that I would find some of the best writers in the world. As a Rough Writer, Geoff Le Pard has been one of the most prolific flash fiction contributors, writing an entire saga week by week, 99-words at a time. His dedication and enthusiasm for craft is inspiring! He’s the author of two novels, and joins us today to discuss the importance of beta readers to his second novel, “My Father and Other Liars.”

Welcome guest blogger, Geoff Le Pard, to Carrot Ranch.


My beta readers have been critical to me: how did I find them and chose them and what does having informed and knowledgeable beta readers mean to me?

I learnt early that no book can be created in isolation. It needs to be read…

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11 thoughts on “Critical Role of Beta Readers

  1. Good post. I must confess, I’ve considered beta readers as akin to line editors–finding my typos and grammar errors. I can see why that’s not their purpose (though errors likely distract them from fulfilling their function). Thanks for this.

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  2. Thank you for this post! I will give it a deep consideration… I’m always looking for beta reader, but outside my community of friends since these aren’t enough critical and almost always willing to approve every stuff I present… as much for the italian writings. When then I translate it in english (or french and spanish) is even became more difficult to find someone to help me!
    Have a lovely week :-)claudine

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