LorettaIt’s a funny old world! I never intended to be an author; it was not my dream. I had been ill for many years, disabled with M.E. And even before that, I was not an ambitious person. I did, however love to write poetry and eventually self-published a few books, largely because if I hadn’t, my poems would have lain around, unread, in a drawer, gathering dust bunnies – I hate waste you see, and it seemed a waste to me to write poems that would never be read. But that was it. I categorically was NOT going to write stories. I couldn’t anyway, or so I thought. 

Quite by accident, I discovered I actually could write readable short stories, so – only to save wasting them, you understand – I published those. And people liked them. Ah well, maybe I could write after all – just short stories, though, definitely NOT novels. That was not for me.

Be careful, dear author, what you say you will never do. Within months of declaring that I would never ever write novels…I had an idea!

My husband is used to my bright ideas by now. He should be, he’s lived with me long enough. They even work – sometimes. Anyway, I always run my stories by him to see if they have legs. I scribbled the first chapter, I ran it by him; he liked it. Then I hit the wall. You know the one. The wall that says, “That’s your lot! You can’t go anywhere from here.” And the wall was right – or was it?

I could not see where the story was going. None of my ideas were much good. So, having prayed about it, as I do, I put it to one side and got on with writing my short stories. I didn’t expect what happened next. My heroine suddenly came to life and ran off with my story. I grabbed my pen and chased after her, but it was no good, she had the bit firmly between her teeth. To cut a long story short, pardon the pun, I finally caught up with her at the end of the story. I swear she looked me in the eye, gave me a wink and said, “That was fun. Let’s do it again sometime.”

So now, dear readers, Marion (my heroine) and I present our story, Out of Time; a story of contemporary and historical fiction, knights, nuns and abbesses, princes and queens, and the irrepressible Marion herself. And the cover? Yes, friends, my fabulous cover was designed by none other than our dear mentor, the great ape himself. Thank you, Chris, I absolutely love it. I hope everyone else does. 

OoT Back     OoT Front

Out of Time

For many years, the old tree stood alone as history unfolded around it. It watched and waited, guarding its secrets well. Today, the heat enveloped it in a shimmering haze. Although there was no breeze, the leaves began to tremble. A low hum seemed to come from deep within.

As Marion stumbled towards it that sultry spring day, how could she have known she was the one it had been waiting for? How could she have guessed it would draw her into the very fabric of time? How could she have imagined the danger she would face? For the tree was the gateway between two worlds.

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40 thoughts on “OUT OF TIME…

    • Thank you macjam47. That’s good to hear because I do struggle with the blurb a bit. I find writing the books easier than writing the blurbs, lol, so I really appreciate your feedback. And Chris did do a fantastic job, didn’t he? 😘

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  1. Chris, thank you so much for sharing this. And huge thanks to those of you who have responded and wished me well. Unfortunately, I am locked out of WordPress and cannot get back in despite my best efforts, so I may be unable to thank you all personally, but I did want you all to know I appreciate you taking time to read the article and commenting on it. I will renew my efforts to unlock myself. Thanks again, everyone.



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