Want to see your e-book at the library?

If the answer is YES – Read this post and the Red linked articles within it 😀

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I so glad to see the library won’t be left behind now that self-published e-books is taking the world by storm.

Do you want readers to check out your self published e-book at the local library?

Well now it’s possible!

Thank you Jane Friedman for introducing us to Porter Anderson and his post about Self-e Library Journal.

For all the nitty-gritty click and read:

How Self-Published Authors Can Distribute to Libraries  

There are no fees for submissions, nor limits on the number of submissions an individual author can make.

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3 thoughts on “Want to see your e-book at the library?

  1. My local library said they could only pull from contracted sites. Sigh… sad this is not there yet. I do see this as a wave of the future though, coming soon. Fingers crossed that Amazon will lead the libraries into the e-century.

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  2. I read the conditions of the competition. It looks like although we retain the rights, by entering we give permission for them to non-exclusively reproduce our work. Does anyone have a different interpretation?
    Quote: Each Entrant retains ownership of his/her Entry. Each Entrant hereby grants to Sponsor and their affiliated companies, a non-exclusive, transferable, irrevocable, royalty free, unconditional, license to review, use, display, and reproduce any materials provided by the Entrant with the Entrant’s entry.

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