When to Copyright Your eBook


One of the most frequently asked questions by new independent authors is, should I copyright my book before publishing it? It’s a relevant and important question because the last thing an author wants is their creative work being ripped off and pawned as someone else’s. But just when is the time to copyright your writing? Should you buy your own ISBNs, or stick to publishing via platforms dealing with them? Do ISBNs even hold weight?

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3 thoughts on “When to Copyright Your eBook

  1. As this article explains well, you don’t have to copyright your book. But if, someday, you find it plagiarized/stolen, you can’t do anything about it until it’s copyrighted. You can’t demand to have to taken off an illegal site, for example, without being the legal copyright holder. So while you may choose not to register your book now, understand that you might have to later. 🙂

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