#Read about Guest #Author Adrienne Morris

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I never would have guessed that waking up to a naked drunk in my bathtub and a heroin junkie on my couch would be the eventual inspiration for my first novel about a morphine-addicted Civil War veteran looking for redemption, but life is funny like that.

Yes, I was that good girl who ran with the wrong crowds. Call it “poor lad syndrome” or whatever, but I liked the sad and bad boys until I married one. Oops. Not so much fun after all. Yet there was that still, small voice in my head convincing me that even in the ugliest of situations there was hope for people—even ones like me.

I didn’t want to write because I didn’t want to fail, but I found failure anyway. In life there’s no escaping it. Everything I vowed I’d never do, I did. Every last bit of self-righteousness was smashed upon the rocks of life experience. After a failed marriage and a brush with death I was ready to write, not about perfect people but real people. If I’d have written my flawed characters sooner it would have been without compassion or humor.

ducksNow from my place on a farm with goats and sheep grazing all around me and a strong husband of integrity building shelters for a menagerie of animals just up the hill, I see that second chances and late starts are not just something that happens in corny books. Life can be gritty and dark, but there’s hope. Hope for Civil War veterans, self-righteous military cadets and even authors.

It’s never too late to begin. Every bad thing can work for good. Compassion grows if you let it. Those things that fascinated you as a child are still there. I loved the 19th century ever since my mother read us Little Women before bed. I love corsets and hoop skirts (especially after wearing them for research). I have great compassion for men—bad and good—and love writing about them. I love research and sharing it in stories about people who always seem to screw up, but eventually find that the screw-ups aren’t as important as forgiveness and friendship. LOVE is what writing is all about.

I want to wear a bustle one day. Life as a writer is never about tons of money. I feared the failure once of bad reviews or not finishing what I started, but the life writing has given me is so rich and wonderful I only feel sad that others are afraid to share their stories. Maybe it just hasn’t been time yet for some would-be writers to dip their pens in ink and begin. Maybe today is the day. I hope it is!

All the best~

Adrienne Morris 01

Adrienne Morris

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25 thoughts on “#Read about Guest #Author Adrienne Morris

    • Someone read my book and asked why the characters had to go through so much, but then she stood back and thought of her own family over the years and realized we all have such a mix of tragedy and hope in life. I think we like to avoid looking at the bad parts. I didn’t even realize till years after I wrote the first rough draft that there were parts of me in the book (I’m not quite Katherine, but there are parts where even today I cringe at our similarities (but then I’m John Weldon too in some ways). That’s the fun of writing fiction, I think. Exploring stuff at an imaginary distance. And it really is imaginary because if you write from your heart you can’t help bumping up against really personal things.

      Hope your preparation for the release of your novel is going well, Jacqui.

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  1. Sadly, I must tell you that the duck you are holding in that picture was spotted hanging upside down in a
    Chinese restaurant in Denver. Crisp, he was.
    Congratulations my talented and attractive friend.


    • You’re so funny! But I’m afraid that you’re also mistaken. Our duck Ferdinand is happily “courting” his lady duck friend Sophie. She plays hard to get, but it’s no use. Ferd is persistent. I never knew there was a specific duck quack for duck sex but there is.

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      • Whew! I thought the duck I saw and Ferdinand had a similar shape, right down to the beak. Glad to be mistaken. When I had ducks, many years ago, one of them was a huge white fella with a big top knot on his head. His name was Fletcher and he was, well……a homosexual rapist. And oh man what a ruckus he raised. Feathers flying, all the other ducks freaking out, “wahh, wahh, wahh.” Looking back I should have sold him to a Chinese restaurant.

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  2. Reading what Adrienne Morris is just what I needed to hear.Shattering all my excuses and insecurities for why I am not writing and giving me reasons and a purpose to write..I can’t argue the point. Maybe it’s time I started listening. She is one of several perfect strangers that I have happened upon.with the words I’m needing to hear. The irony is I have helped others overcome themselves, but I am finding myself falling prey to the same mind set trap.I must admit it is humbling when I have come to realize that I can’t do it by my self. I need other and value what they have to share.I’m just seeing this in a new light. It is important to maintain balance between giving and receiving. I’m by nature a giver, but receiving let’s just say I need to work on that. We can only overcome when we accept our short comings. No longer living in denial..nick

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