How to use a Figure of Speech in your writing

A Tropetastic post by Jean 😀

Jean's Writing

 T = Tropes

  • A figure of speech
  • A word, phrase, expression, or image that is used in a figurative way, usually for rhetorical effect.

As writers we use tropes all the time.

We all learned about the most common types of tropes in grade school, metaphor and simile.


To describe somebody or something of a word or phrase that is not meant literally but by means of a vivid comparison expresses something about him, her, or it, e.g. saying that somebody is a snake.


A figure of speech that draws a comparison between two different things, especially a phrase containing the word “like” or “as,” e.g. “as white as a sheet”.

But here are other tropes also used in writing.


A figure of speech in which the word for part of something is used to mean the whole. Ex. Writing is my bread and butter


A figure of…

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