If you are an independently published Canadian author, or have a Canadian-assigned ISBN, you need to know what Legal Deposit means for you.

Why? It’s a law.

And it must be followed.

To read about this in full, click on the image or link below:



  1. Good to share the importance of this. But I am wondering how authors wouldn’t know this if they obtained ISBN numbers from the government (thankfully free), there is instruction to also do this.

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  2. In Australia we also have the obligation to send any printed copy to both our State library and the National library.

    POD places are book printers, not publishers. It is my understanding that the person in charge of uploading the final manuscript and approving the print layout is the publisher. Smashwords is a distributor, and they stress that – even though they say they will show as your publisher, they insist they are not – you are.

    I’ve decided that I can’t have it both ways when my time comes to self-publish. I will save taxes in USA by virtue of being the sole owner of a non-American publishing business set up to publish my book/s. I can’t then turn around and avoid Legal Deposit here because I will be on the ISBN record as the Australian publisher.

    I better make sure I read the fine print!

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  3. HI Chris!

    I went to the Legal Deposit website and there is a key bit of information that this blogger forgot to mention.

    “Note: Titles by Canadian authors published outside of Canada are not subject to legal deposit. If authors or publishers wish to donate copies of these publications to LAC’s collection, they are welcome to send them to the following address.”

    So, if you are a Canadian author and you publish your books in the United States via Smashwords, D2D, Amazon, Ingram Spark and CreateSpace, this law doesn’t apply.

    Thought everyone would like to know. As an author, it is important to do thorough research. 🙂

    Happy Weekend!

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