#Croatia brings us Chess and Comics. Who knew that first one? #AtoZChallenge

Ron takes the A to Z Challenge to new heights with this great article 😀


All links open in this page for the convenience of screen readers of the blind and the visually impaired.

If you are participating in the challenge, if you will put a link to your post for today in a comment below I will make sure to visit you. There are so many out there I know I am missing some of my friends. I’ll keep putting this message in each day just in case.

Click to Read In Croatian
We’re in CrImage of the Letter C for the A to Z Blogging Challengeoatia today. Was I surprised at what I found? You betcha. I had no idea the talent that and that I had actually seen and read the work of some of these men.

Map of the World

Andrija Maurović

Andrija-maurovicAndrija Maurović, the father of Croatian comic books. A writer and artist born in the village of Muo, part of Kotor, in 1901. He attended theAcademy of ArtsinZagreb

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