…look what they’ve done to my Blog, Ma…

Seumas has made a discovery – why not check YOUR blog statistics 😀

Seumas Gallacher

…most of my corporate life (yes, Mabel, I did have a parallel existence before being ensnared in Author-dom) spun around numbers… figures… statistics… and it’s well said elsewhere there are Lies, damn Lies, and Statistics… so forgive my wee focus today on what to me are mind-boggling facts about the growth of my SOSYAL NETWURK outreach… now, listen up, at the back there, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… this affects all of we quill-scrapers seeking to build the platform… five and a bit years ago, the extent of my SOSYAL MEDYA exposure was a mere coupla hundred connections on LinkedIn and about 300 email addresses… now, just look what they’ve done to my Blog, Ma… I was told (recommended/instructed/ordered/commanded) that having an Author’s Blog was key for maintaining visibility in the readership marketplace… and how true that has proven… y’see, if yeez so choose, the Blog

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