#Read about #Author Roy Dimond’s New Release ‘Silence and Circumstance’

First let me say thank you for this wonderful opportunity to reach out to past and future readers. As always Ape Man rules.

My name is Roy Dimond and I am the author of both, The Singing Bowl and the newly released, Silence and Circumstance published by Untreed Reads. My agent Malaga Baldi was huge in helping this come about.

TSB          S&C

I have been writing for a number of years and have the usual writer scars to show for my efforts. Two publishing houses going under while my books were still under contract, one broken contract, and numerous quasi throat clutching jolts along the way including when my first book was launched and I got my complimentary author copies only to open them and see that they had run off the proofs. Fortunately, the mistake was rectified and by the time the second edition came out I was well into my writing career.

I wrote, Silence and Circumstance because I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie, murder mystery, and the settings where the story takes place, meaning England, the continent, the Orient Express, the Blue Train and Istanbul. I also have a real interest in the times, 1926. The early twenties to the late twenties changed so much that during that period the entire human experience was so rich and deep. 1920’s Berlin was one of the most liberal cities in the world. Liberal books, movies and culture flowed from there more than maybe any other city on the planet. Yet, by the 1930’s it was a repressed, suppressed and depressed culture. What allowed that change to happen?

So that was what was on my mind as I came up with the idea to write a fictional account of a very real event. An event, which riveted an entire Commonwealth, as well as much of the mainland, an event so significant that not only were 16.000 police involved, but every citizen of the British Isles was asked to look in back yards and walking paths for a dead body. Agatha Christie’s dead body, as she had gone missing for eleven days!

What had happened to Mrs. Christie? Rumors flew fast and furious. Backyard gossip traveled as quickly as any Internet meme and about as accurately. Was she kidnapped, dead, wandering aimlessly because of a mental break down, or was it all a publicity stunt for her next book?

I profess that it was something far more sinister. Something as important today, as it was in 1926. but to know that you will have to read the book 😀

Was Agatha Christie a pawn or the puppet-master?

Well its time for me to leave and do my usual routine of a walk around the lakes with my wife, Lorraine. I live in Pender Harbour, on the Sunshine Coast of the western coastline of British Columbia, Canada. One of the most pristine environments I have ever been lucky enough to see. Having traveled extensively, I have been fortunate to see many beautiful places including Kyoto, Machu Picchu, Interlaken and many others, but the trails around my house are as beautiful as any place I have ever been.

If you do read, Silence and Circumstance I would sincerely like to hear from you, so below are my contact sites.

You can also find more information in my previous Guest article HERE.



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