No-brainer – by Author Ailsa Abraham


2014-11-06 AilsaThank you so much for letting me come back to babble at you, Ape. The chimps are taking good care of me so I’ll just sit here and witter on about writing while you finish off the peanut banana cake I brought, eh?

Ask most writers what they wish they had more of and the answer would probably be TIME. I was like that myself until a few months ago. I suffered from terminal author-distraction and even a bird sitting on the window-sill would get more attention than the deathless prose I was supposed to be finishing, or even worse, editing.

All that changed when, due to circumstances with which I will not bore you (still good at grammar, though) I suffered a bit of brain damage. Well, rather a lot really. Don’t get me wrong. I can dress myself and function fairly normally but as well as now being the proud owner of a truly Monty Pythonesque speech impediment and being attacked by the furniture when my feet won’t co-operate, I can’t write.

This left-brain, right-brain business must have a some value because one half of my little grey cells can dream up wonderful plots. I have no bother lying on my bed imagining the next adventures in the two novels I owe two publishers. My difficulties start when I want to write them. While blog pieces and short articles are easy-peasy, anything longer becomes a migraine-inducer, ending with me in tears, hugging the dog and wanting my Mummy. This is not conducive to a calm, happy home-life so the stress-levels in our house are a bit on the screamy side.

As usual, I’m taking it as esson to be learned, here, galtime and realising that I not only lacked time before, but patience. So this is how I get shown it. Thank you, Fates. Little by little, short story by blog article, I am getting back into it. One day I will get to finish the two series I started, blessing my publishers for their tolerance. In the meantime, I’m rather enjoying becoming a nearly full-time blogger. It gives me an opportunity to ape the Ape and give other writers a showcase. Why not? People gave me a leg up when I was starting. Pay it back, pay it forward, don’t just take!

So this is Brain-Dead of Dijon, signing off and saying…… what was I saying, again?

Bio and Links

aaPIC_0404Ailsa Abraham writes under two names and is the author of six novels. Alchemy is the prequel to Shaman’s Drum, published by Crooked Cat in January 2014. Both are best-sellers in their genres on Amazon. She also writes gay male romance under her brother’s name, Cameron Lawton.

She has lived in France for over twenty years, enjoys knitting, crochet and until recently was the oldest Hell’s Granny in town . Her interests include campaigning for animal rights, experimenting with different genres of writing and trips back to the UK to visit friends and family. She runs an orphanage for homeless teddy bears and contributes a lot of work to Knit for Africa. She is also addicted to dressing up, saying that she is old enough to know better but too wise to care.


Alchemy          Shamans Drum

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Cameron Lawton’s work is published by MLRPress

Read Author Ailsa Abraham and A STROKE OF LUCK? HERE



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