10 Simple Actions to Save Water

As our climate changes and weather patterns become more unpredictable and unreliable, the lack of drinking water WILL become an increasingly serious issue – train your children NOW to value water by YOUR example 😀


Fix your leaky toilet!
Water droplet

Your toilet tank may be leaking and you don’t even know it? The most common leaks are silently occurring between the tank and the bowl. If there is a leak, you could be wasting up to 550 litres (145 gallons) of water every day and paying $250 per year (more depending on where you live) on your water bill. You can use a dye tablet available from your local hardware store to detect a leak. Usually the problem is an old flapper–which is easy to replace.

Install a low-flow shower headInstall a low-flow shower head!

Your average shower head uses 15 to 20 litres (approximately 4 to 5 gallons) of water per minute. A low-flow shower head can cut that by 50-70%. Inexpensive and easy to install, a low-flow showerhead will quickly pay for itself.

Insulate your water pipesInsulate your water pipes!

You’ll get hot water faster and therefore avoid wasting water while…

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