#Read about Guest #Author Daithi Kavanagh

daithi kavanaghHello there, my name is Daithi Kavanagh. I am fifty six years old and live with my wife and children in a little village in Wexford, Ireland called Trinity. Prior to the recession in Ireland I worked as a musician playing in many of the pubs in my hometown of Wexford. I then decided in 2012 to go back to adult education as I hadn’t completed my education when I was a wayward teenager! I subsequently completed my Leaving Certificate (the High School Diploma in the U.S.) in 2014 and am now studying for a degree in Irish Culture and Heritage Studies here in Wexford.

While I was studying for my Leaving Certificate I began writing as I really enjoyed English and was encouraged by my English teacher to write. I wrote some small pieces mainly about my experiences growing up in Wexford. I am very aware of the political situation in my country at the moment and how people’s lives (including my own) have been affected by the recession and this is where the idea for my debut novel The Gun came from. Once I started writing the book flowed from there.

The Gun by Daithi Kavanagh - 200The Gun is the first book in a series called The Tadhg Sullivan Series. In The GunDetective Tadhg Sullivan leads a special unit that investigates politically motivated crime. A man known only as The Deerstalker is a cancer who has infected the Irish political system. Sullivan teams up with journalist Helen Carty, and together they try tracking down the mysterious killer. The CIA become involved and Sullivan finds himself in a race against time, if he is to arrest The Deerstalker.

It has given me great pleasure to set my book in my hometown. I have lived here since I was seven years old and love everything about this town. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland and narrow streets which stretch out onto the quay front. The people of Wexford are very friendly and over the years I have gotten to know many of its characters. I hope I have captured some of the essence of Wexford in my book.

My wife Caroline typed The Gun. I write it long hand and dictated it to her. Without her help I would not have been able to do my book. She sent it to every publishing company she could find and eventually Tirgearr Publishing took my book. This is a dream come true for me to have my first book published. Tirgearr Publishing has been so supportive of me in the whole process. I have just completed my second book in the series called The Brotherhood which is due to be released in May.

I am now back playing music – I sing and play guitar. I mainly sing Irish folk and play a bit of traditional music too. I am delighted now that I am joined by my two children Ella and Rory who play the fiddle and flute.

You can find me online at:

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