Twitter Etiquette For Authors

AUTHORS – Great advice from Leona 😀

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In the light of Tricia Drammeh’s excellent post titled Facebook Etiquette For Authors I decided to write one on Twitter etiquette.

I have heard countless complaints from many book bloggers and other authors about Twitter accounts set up like annoying spam bots. Here is a list of things which should help those new to Twitter:

1. Don’t set up automatic DM’s and replies. No matter what the internet marketers are telling you, setting up automatic DM’s and replies is a very bad idea. For the love of God, don’t do it. You are not the only person on Twitter and you are definitely not the only person I am following. Each time your spammy script sends a DM saying ‘Click my Facebook page! Here is my book!’ a little puppy dies. I am following over 1000 people and have over 1000 followers, I really don’t have the time to click…

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4 thoughts on “Twitter Etiquette For Authors

  1. Being relatively new to Twitter i have been looking for something like this! I certainly recognize the behaviours you mention here. So many people playing games.
    I run what i call a “+1 service” but with a twist…I actually re-tweet all the work i find interesting, not only my own. I consider it to be helping folks to possibly reach that special someone who may assist them in their literary ambitions. If I succeed as well…all the better.
    The worst platform i have found for reciprocal disengenuous shennanigans is by far Pinterest. I am abhorred by the behaviour i see there.
    Thanks again.




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