Making Your Own Cover – For Absolute Beginners

Jo was (and still is) making her own covers long before I met her
I work on the covers of only one series of the many she is writing
So Pay Attention Class – Read – Have a go and LEARN 😀
PS – If you find it’s too much like hard work – you know where MY Book Covers Services are based 😀

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I know that everyone says that we should pay for cover artists and editors, and if we can afford it, I really think that we should. However, that probably makes us hybrid authors – who knows? So, in the spirit of the Absolute Indie, slaving away in a garret with a shortage of funds, we should know how to make a decent cover ourselves. Most people have either an iPhone or an Android these days. These phones take amazing pictures, and have all sorts of features from sepia effects to zoom and macro capabilities. No, no. Come out from under the desk my technophobic scribblers. It’s not that hard, and even pics taken with really old dinosaur phones can be manipulated into really cool covers. Let me show you the basics.

I’m going to be using one my favourite programmes for this because it’s very easy to use. So if…

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