Meet Guest Author Wesley Robert Lowe

Wesley Robert Lowe

Hello Everybody, I’m Wesley Robert Lowe, author of action thrillers and paranormal thrillers. Although, I’ve been publishing books for about a year, I have worked in communications for over two decades. After completing a Master’s of Music, I began composing for film and television – four seasons on Sesame St. and ten plus years working with the CBC, Knowledge Network are highlights.

Much as I enjoy composing though, I wanted to see, read and hear more stories about non-traditional cultures who are becoming part of the mainstream. I have a Chinese heritage and we have certainly advanced beyond being houseboys and cheap labour. I started writing and making films about the Chinese Canadian experience which have been broadcast and exhibited internationally.

Writers are often advised to “Write what you know.” In my case, I was brought with Chinese folk religion as well as Christianity and the two are a fantastic base from which to write paranormal thrillers. Like many red-blooded young men, I am a great fan of James Bond, Bruce Lee and Luke Skywalker so action stories also inspire me.

One of my good friends is a Shaolin kungfu grandmaster. Over the years, I learned so much from him, not only about the physical kickass action but about the spiritual side of martial arts.

This was the genesis of the SHAOLIN DARKNESS series, five books which explore the animals of the Shaolin, Tiger, Crane, Snake, Leopard and Dragon. While they are set in contemporary times, they are infused with ancient mysticism and lore. Not to mention some terrific characters, stories and roller coaster action!

Because I am a control freak, I decided to self-publish them. (As a filmmaker, I am almost always the producer as well.) While I do surround myself with talented editors and cover artists, I do like to have creative control over what goes out in my name.

If you’re interested in an initial “no risk” look at Shaolin Darkness, I suggest you download TIGER, the first in the series for free. Also, if you subscribe to my newsletter, you can also read the prequel novella UNLEASHED at no cost.

UNLEASHED – Shaolin Darkness 1 (Free by subscribing to my NEWSLETTER)

If you’d like more information, please check me out at:

My Website

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4 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Wesley Robert Lowe

  1. Hello Wesley,
    You have a very interesting and impressive background. I will definitely start with TIGER (I love them), and go from there. For most of my reading, it has been detective novels, mysteries, history and biographies. In the last couple of years I have come to appreciate ALL genres, including romance-suspense novels. Your series book covers have pulled me in.

    Best of Success to you,

    Thanks Chris for bring Wesley to our attention.

    Michael Phelps



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