Meet Guest Author Katrina Sisowath

KPLOvvHi, my name is Katrina Sisowath. I’m British-American, married to a Cambodian. We live in England with two daughters and a dog who is very much our baby. In fact, when I need to scold one, I find myself running through all three names until I stumble upon the right one.

I grew up in Europe and South-east Asia (thanks to Dad’s work), studied Mandarin in Guangzhou, China, before visiting my family who by then were living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Living in so many countries is both a blessing, in that all I’ve seen and experienced has been amazing, and a curse, as there is no ‘one place’ that I identify as home. My children are growing up in Broadstairs, an amazingly beautiful town, and love it. I figure the traveling can come later—once they are old enough to stop squabbling on car or plane rides. Right now we just enjoy the normal childhood pursuits: bike rides, horse rides, art lessons and baking. My brownies are to-die-for.

I first started writing my book in 2012. I’d always wanted to write a fictional book, but had never had the time and couldn’t think of a story. So I spent years working as a freelance editor and an English teacher, running my own preschool at one point, until a drastic change in circumstances forced me to reevaluate what I wanted from life. It took three years of medical treatments, but eventually I found myself well enough to concentrate for the periods of time required to write. It really was an amazingly therapeutic experience and I loved it, though when I was finished writing it, I swore “Never again.”

Publishing did not happen instantaneously, I did send queries to agents in both England and the US, but did not receive positive responses. Part of it was my fault—my query letters stank. It took a lot of trial and error to write one that didn’t sound ridiculous and that was the one that got a favorable response. In 2014 my first book, ‘Serpent Priestess of the Annunaki’ was published. It’s a mythological fantasy based on the Sumerian beliefs in their Gods and Goddesses known as the Annunaki, who were aliens. The central theme is their account of how they created humans and why. We were meant to be their slaves until Enki and Ninkharsag decided to grant us wisdom. So much of the Sumerian accounts are similar to the Biblical one, yet there are some critical differences—especially the fact it was a ‘God’ and a ‘Goddess’ who created us.

At the end of the book, man has multiplied beyond their control and so the remaining Annunaki create a Dragon Court, formed of countries allied with them, to protect and advance their interests.


My second book is due to come out early 2015. It’s about Cronous, Rhea and the destruction of Atlantis. I’m loving the writing process this time around, though I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew, as I’m setting up a massive conflict, from multiple POV. I don’t have a cover to reveal, but I have an idea of what I want—I think it’s going to be unique, interesting and a little intimidating—bringing to mind the statues of the Old Reptilian Gods.


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7 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Katrina Sisowath

  1. Thank you Katrina for sharing so lucidly (and thank you Chris for posting it). I found your story interesting. The book also sounds great although autobiography and memoir are the genres I read most. Well done in finding an agent; I never did. All the best for your second book.

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