My Workspace Blog Hop

Thanks to my lovely friend, Eminent Irish Mythologist and Author Ali Isaac for dropping… (I mean INVITING) me to share some information about the workspace I drift… (I mean WORK) in to faff around… (I mean RESEARCH) the various topics, themes and general rubbish… (I mean INFORMATION) I throw out… (I mean PUBLISH) on my blog in addition to the Guest Author articles I inveigle and coerce… (I mean OBTAIN VOLUNTARILY) from said authors.

Grab yourself a snack and let’s begin the tour….


Behold my jungle workspace – isn’t it nice and airy?…


Here’s my lounge where I often doze off



I always like to have a book in hand…


My Nephew WARF likes to beat me at Chess (and almost everything else)


Bet you didn’t know I wear eye-glasses with bottom of bottle type (I mean CHIC AND TRENDY) lenses and stylish frames…


Before letting you leave unharmed (I mean GO TO THE NEXT EXCITING BLOG), may I introduce you to some of my International colleagues who help me keep out unwelcome trolls, passers-by and the Authorities (I mean DISTRACTIONS).


There’s Ssssidney the Green Tree Python from New Guinea who keepsss hisss eyes on everything ssso that nothing unsssavoury ssslipsss into the possstsss…

Raj’s Nephew Klaws…

Petunia, Petra and Primrose the Parrots…

and not forgetting Terry the Toucan who just flew in from South America for a visit…

The Office Manager and Top Cat is Raj who not only has a positive presence, (everyone agrees that they are positively busy when he strolls past them) but also makes a great vindaloo curry out of anyone who trespasses (I mean ANYTHING he hunts down [I mean FINDS]) around and about on his Patrols…

Male tiger with striking green eyes

Finally, my indispensable right hand person Ms Money-Penniless, who runs the Front Office, Reception and Traps for the Unwary (or stupid) with a fisted claw of titanium (I mean GREAT SKILL AND PROFESSIONALISM)…


Hope you enjoyed the visit as much as we enjoyed you visiting.

Come back again anytime Ya’all Hear?

( Ms Money-Penniless, did the greedy devils leave anything for us to eat, or shall I send Raj after them?)



51 thoughts on “My Workspace Blog Hop

  1. lol. Best workplace ever. So jealous, I bet the sounds are fantastic – all those birds. One problem though… how do you get aircon in a rainforest? it must be so hot?



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