#Promote #Authors & #Books for #Readers on YOUR #Blog…

The Questions:

(From authors)

WHY should I promote other authors and their books on MY blog when I can’t even get LOTS of people to buy and review MY book(s)?

(From Readers & Bloggers)

WHY would authors (read demi-gods) who are way above me in the hierarchy of intelligence levels possibly want to send their articles to ME – a lowly Reader and Blogger?

(From existing Author / Books Bloggers)

I ALREADY have a good system going so WHY should I even CONSIDER changing it?

The Answers

(To Authors)

By featuring other authors and their books on YOUR blog, YOU and YOUR BOOK(S) will be seen by visitors as well – plus – it WILL bring NEW visitors and followers to YOUR BLOG and may even result in them getting YOUR BOOK(S)!

(To Readers & Bloggers)

Authors may have a talent with words that YOU may, or may not, have, but they are still PEOPLE, with all the concerns, problems, joys, etc, similar to what YOU have and as such are NOT BETTER or HIGHER UP than YOU, they are just people who write and publish the stories you read.

(To existing Author / Books Bloggers)

NO-ONE has a PERFECT system – there is always something you can learn – the day you stop learning is the day you die – not before.

OK Mr Smartypants Ape – WHAT, in your simian opinion do I need to do?

Here are a few simple guidelines that may help you organise YOUR blog accordingly:

1. Set up a dedicated blog section to state your terms and conditions for submissions and make it EASY TO FIND.

2. As well as stating what you WILL accept, include what you WILL NOT accept.

3. State everything you may need, e.g., photos, book covers, synopsis, links, etc.

4. In the case that something is missing from the submission, growl, shout, pull your hair out, calm down and send a POLITE request to the submitter, requesting the missing information be sent as soon as possible.

5. EITHER provide a DEDICATED email address (NOT one you use for getting blog notifications, or personal / business correspondences) where the submissions should be sent (RECOMMENDED)

OR provide a form at the bottom of the T&CS blog section so submissions may be inserted for your consideration and possible use.

6. ALWAYS contact the submitter to THANK THEM, confirm whether or not you intend to post their article and if the answer is yes, give them a day, date and time when it will be posted (LEARN how to use your blog post scheduling facility).

7. ALWAYS send the submitter a copy of the DIRECT LINK to the article after it has gone live!

8. EITHER set up your blog so your posts are automatically Tweeted, sent to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or wherever.

OR share your articles manually to all of the above.

I do both!


a) ALWAYS READ the Submission Terms and Conditions FULLY and CAREFULLY, then submit EVERYTHING required to avoid delays, disappointment or rejection.

b) DO NOT argue with your blog host about what they will or will not accept – it’s THEIR BLOG that they are offering to use on your behalf and benefit.

b) ALWAYS keep in touch with the blog host, (that includes following their blog if possible) they may accept FURTHER submissions from you, thereby contributing to your ‘Product Marketing “I’m still here and so is/are my book(s)” Strategy’, PLUS, it gives you an AUTHORS PLATFORM other than your own blog / website.

I’m sure I’ve not included everything you need to know and I also know that my own blog and systems are far from perfect, however, the above guidelines may help you avoid repeating my mistakes and speed your way to successfully making your blog an Author / Books Friendly Zone for YOU and YOUR visitors / followers to ENJOY.

Thank you for taking time to read this babbling ramble and…



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