#AUTHORS, #Writers & #Readers – are YOU #Bilingual?


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Bilingual struggles: How my family is catching on

15 thoughts on “#AUTHORS, #Writers & #Readers – are YOU #Bilingual?

  1. Thanks Chris and Mariana. I’m going to print out your plan and put it to work in my home. My oldest daughter refused to speak Spanish at the age of 2 because she felt her aunts were making fun of her Spanglish. (They thought it was cute, but didn’t understand the English part) I haven’t been able to get any of the 4 to speak Spanish or Spanglish since. My fingers are crossed.

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    • My wife and I know THAT one Massimo – when we both worked in the Middle East, She would be using French and some Arabic, as well as English, at work, I’d be using German and bits of other languages (Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Thai, Korean) as well as English – with the result our (native language) English would be interspersed with the other languages at home – THEN, we moved to Spain and learned Castilian Spanish, but the locals would reply in Catalan LOL 😀

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      • Ha, ha, Chris. I was telling my son the other day that we actually speak Castilian, not Spanish like it’s called here in the US. Some people ask us if we speak Mexican (?) or Peruvian (??).


  2. I speak English. I have Cuban-American Godsons & Goddaughters and have learned a little Spanish. I have long forgotten my French learned in High School & while serving in the USAF. I commend Marianna for her post; she is doing a great service writing in both languages and more important, she is an outstanding Mother.

    Thanks for sharing Chris.

    Michael Phelps

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