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Fiona Tarr 02I am a fulltime small business owner, mum, wife, business consultant, freelance writer and author. It sounds like a lot, but I get bored easily and can’t help taking on new challenges. My children are getting older with a 14 year old & 22 year old, I now have more spare time. Writing fiction for me developed from my need for a creative outlet. With so many administrative roles in everything else I was doing, I was really craving some escapism. Fiction writing has given me that release. With a background in farming, manufacturing and retail business my first thought was to write a business book; which I still plan to write, but for now I am really enjoying the world of historical fantasy. I live very close to some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches, so in my spare time when I am not writing, I try to keep fit and active with kitesurfing and stand up paddle boarding in the surf.

Along with working on my own businesses for over 25 years, I have also worked in community services in the past and found this both rewarding and challenging. My role meant working closely with both secular and religious groups and I found that both groups wanted the best for people, but struggled to agree on how to go about it. This frustrated me and although I had studied both theology and community development, I could not help these organisations work together for the greater good. Eventually I left this world behind, but not my passion for community or people.

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My first published book blends faith, fear, religion, fanaticism and cultural diversity through fiction and fantasy. The book is loosely based on the biblical story of David with a healthy mix of magic, intrigue and drama. I guess the friction I experienced between secular and religious understanding is what prompted me to pick David and biblical Israel as the base for my story; which highlights very different understandings of faith and spirituality. Now the first one is finished and published I am really excited to get into writing the second book in the series.

I tried to get my book picked up by an agent, however Australia doesn’t have many publishing agencies and no one asked to preview it; a little disappointing but I got over it quickly. I was probably inexperienced in selling the concept, you can only live and learn. In an ideal world getting your book picked up by an agent or publishing house would be awesome, but at the end of the day, I just wanted people to have a chance to read it. Self publishing seemed like the best idea for me, so I did some research and self published on Amazon. I wasn’t going to bother with a paperback version, but all my family and friends insisted on signed copies. You gotta love them. I used Createspace to print on demand and they have been great to deal with. I can order copies whenever I want and plan on hosting a number of small book signings in my local area, together with distribution to all those who have ordered signed copies.

One day I would love to travel to Egypt, Jordan and the Greek Islands. Egypt and Jordan for research but the Greek Islands have always be a lure for me, ever since I saw the James Bond movie – For Your Eyes Only. I have since discovered my great uncle was an author and he lived on one of the Greek Islands, Corfu I think, for many years.

Destiny of Kings_Final

Destiny of Kings is my first published novel and it is part of series called Covenant of Grace. I expect to get three books into the series, but who knows where it will go. I am one of those writers who starts with an idea and then I let it evolve as I go. I am great with change, it makes life challenging and interesting. One day I hope people will read what I have written and will see what I see in the world. A place filled with people of different understandings of faith and spirituality, yet so many similarities on so many levels.

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