Lets Lirn Inglish, 2

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Author -Carole Parkes

 I Need Help With Grammar! I Need Help With Grammar!

Let’s Learn English Together, Lesson Two

Last week I looked at capitalization of titles. This week I’m going to learn about capitalization in the body of writing.


The British Council on its Learning English Central website says, “the rules for capitalization are quite easy to remember,” and gives the following advice: (note, the lettering system is mine, to enable easier reading.)

A) “English sentences always begin with a capital letter.”

B) “The personal pronoun ‘I’ is always written with a capital letter, wherever in a sentence it comes.

C) “Apart from these cases,capital letters are used at the beginning of the following words:

Names of people and places

Peter, Susan, Australia, Hyde Park, the Middle East

Planets and stars can be considered as places

Jupiter, Pluto, Alpha Centauri


Mr Finnegan, M

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